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Sasha Hargreaves - May 2017

Sasha Hargreaves - May 2017

The last month has been really busy for me and my horses with all the challenges of the start of the season out of the way! With AS levels looming, I knew I needed to balance getting good grades with getting the various qualifications for this summers events including the CCIJ* at Frickley Park. 

Brian had a super run at Withington in the ONu18 finishing 4th. I'm now just hoping that this result combined with our win at Monmouth ONu18 last year will have secured us a place on the Central and South Wales team. Smarty also felt great in the OIu21 and finished 12th in a very competitive class!

I then had a very busy 2 day training camp at Aston-le-walls where I tested Brian over the Intermediate fences in preparation for his first OIu21 not long after. I also played with Smarty in a double bridle for Dressage and found that this made a huge improvement to his way of going. Brian performed so well in his first Intermediate not long after with a lovely dressage and XC clear inside the time. Although SJ did not go quite to plan, it helped us set aims as to what we need to work on with him. 

I finished the month with Smarty in the OIu21 at Rockingham. An excited Dressage gave us 32.3 and we got slightly stuck in the mud in the SJ to role 3 poles. XC started great however a loose dog tried to attack Smarty's legs in between the 2 fences in the first combination of the course, rattling mine and Smarty's confidence. We continued but by fence 15 we weren't enjoying it like we often do so I put my hand up and called it a day to save him for Brand Hall CCIJ*.